The Exodus Project had the privilege of learning the basics of cooking and grilling by Owen Oliver at the December 5th meeting. Nine students gathered in Owen’s kitchen and learned how to make homemade chili, cherry cobbler and peach cobbler. They topped the morning off by grilling hotdogs and eating their deliciously prepared meal. For some of the students, it was their first time to cook a meal. Students wrote the recipes as Owen provided instruction and took turns demonstrating what they learned. Tamara Greenlee, an 11th grade student at Kosciusko High School,  said, “The class was something I feel like everyone enjoyed…even the parents that were there. It was a fun time cooking and interacting with each other and helping prepare food together because everyone pitched in. No one was left out.”  Surprisingly, there were more males in attendance.   Parents, Andrea Myers and Linda Hargrove, helped facilitate the class.