The Exodus Project began in spring 2007 with one student who was in need of guidance and direction. Mr. Patterson began talking to this young man at the request of his mother who didn’t know how to help her son. He was getting into trouble, hanging out on the streets and no longer had an interest in school. Over the next few months, after many conversations, the young man began to have a desire to finish high school, attend college and stop engaging in destructive behaviors. The next year, he finished high school, attended college and graduated two years later, becoming The Exodus Project’s first college graduate.

Later that same year, The Patterson’s met a young lady who was in eighth grade who had anger issues and low self-esteem. Teachers told her that she would never achieve much. Upon the student telling them that she wanted to become an attorney, they told her she needed to find a more realistic career. She joined The Exodus Project and began to believe in herself despite what others told her she could or could not do. She began to deal with her anger in a positive way without getting into weekly fights at school. Through her experiences in The Exodus Project and support from her mother, she graduated from high school and is in her fourth year of college. These are just a couple success stories the organization has witnessed over the last few years.

Since 2007, The Exodus Project has provided guidance, leadership development, test-taking & study skills, mentorship, academic counsel, civic engagement opportunities and national travel opportunities to over 100 youth in a three-county area. Over the last several years, it has graduated over 30 seniors ofwhich 90% attended college. Five of those students have graduated from college and the majority of the others are still enrolled in a course of study.